Hunched Wings Lift

Link by link chain breaks

Falls away that I may test

Taste freedom’s nectar

Old soul who shuddered to fly

Feels hunched stiff wings lift aloft


This, soul only dreamed

Carried on redolent wind

Perhaps dreaming yet…

But certain of heart’s hope, I

Peer…Heaven’s feather-strewn porch

Those gone before wait, at rest

©Zelda Winter, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “Hunched Wings Lift

  1. Zelda, your writing is so beautiful and heart felt. It reminds me of the writings of Frost, Dickinson, and Hughes. When you had to stop and sit with a poem, take it in, and reflect upon it.

    I loved this picture the minute I saw it and you’ve captured a sense of what’s going on so beautifully!

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    • Ohh, bless your heart, Shell. Thanks so much for your lovely response! One of my 2 kindred spirits is Emily D, so that’s a high compliment–not to mention Frost, my goodness! (My other kindred spirit is Vincent van Gogh–if you haven’t read much about him, I definitely encourage you to put at least 1 biography and his Letters to Theo on your list. It’s so heart-wrenching that he desperately wanted to be a minister of God’s Word–but his church leaders thought him too weird/crazy for the job. They missed out–but God had a plan…his art made him world renown. Thanks again…I’ll ponder some more on 2 other prompts you offered…I might bring you something good! 🙂 ❤

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