Closed My Eyes to See…

Had to turn door’s ornate key

Take a risk, close eyes to see

Treasures, Truth kept deep in heart

Written there by God’s sure hand

Thus He sealed, set me apart

Burning flame my marriage band

His endless love ne’er will depart…

Had to close my eyes, to see

What’s On the Other Side of the Door?

The Lord’s Abundant Life…His More

©Zelda Winter, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Closed My Eyes to See…

  1. I enjoy your use of rhyming. I can’t do it so I notice it when others use it and I love the rhythm I hear in my head. You’ve done it well where I could almost “hear” your voice though we’ve never spoken. “Take a risk, close eyes to see” – This line really stuck with me. I feel like this year is going to be a powerful year that will require pure faith, things that don’t make sense in the natural. I am excited to walk with others who have that same understanding – “close eyes to see”. It says so much!

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    • Oh WOW, Shell–Huge thanks for your words, you’ve just improved my day–blessings to you!! I don’t do a lot of rhyme poetry–if the Lord pours a poem out of me in rhyme, that’s great–but I don’t strain my brain to get it, haha! I’m so glad you enjoyed my poem/response to your prompt–success, hurray! My first attempt fell flat, so I trashed it–and then suddenly God told me to rework a poem I was planning later! Gotta LOVE having HIM for my writing partner!! And now your comment is confirmation–yippeeee!!

      I’m VERY excited/thrilled and encouraged by what you’ve prophesied–that this will be a “powerful year that will require pure faith, things that don’t make sense in the natural”. I’m going to copy that line, put it on my blog–with credit to you–so that I can see it on days when I feel like giving up (and there will be those days, unfortunately).

      The phrase “close eyes to see” was what HE dropped on me this past Nov or Dec–now I realize it was a “divine set-up” for this year!! I’m SO glad I met you here, Shell–you’re so right, it will be an exciting year walking with others who catch His revelation! HUGE BLESSINGS to you, Sister ❤

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      • God knows what He’s doing and I trust Him. When you have those hard days, close your eyes and feel Him hugging you and leading you, keeping you safe. There’s a song I just LOVE, “The More I Seek You”. I love to play those on tough days. I know that’s different from depression but maybe it will you as well.

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        • I have Contemporary Christian music on most of the time (or TV church/messages). I’m sure I know the song you’ve mentioned–another one I really like is Jeremy Camp’s “Out of My Hands”. I’ll probably post it soon 🙂 Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Shell. God definitely knew what He was doing when He nudged me to get back to blogging, to seek increased interaction with authentic Christian women–I feel so blessed ❤

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